Title: Genotoxicity of coke wastewaters


Keywords: coke wastewaters, genotoxicity, Vicia faba, Mitotic Index, micronuclei test

Abstract: Despite the fact that reduction of TOC and COD of about 90% was notated in treated coking wastewater, it still contains substances hazardous to health and life. The paper presents results of phyto- and genotoxicity tests of raw and treated sewage. The research methodology includes: measuring the length of the root and stem, the determination of the following two parameters: mitotic index (IM), the frequency of micronuclei (MN). The plant used in the test was Vicia faba. It has been shown negative impact of coke wastewater in all investigated aspects.

APA style references: Sindera, P., Felis, E. & Wiszniowski, J. (2011). Genotoxicity of coke wastewaters. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 20 (3), 217-225.

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Sindera, Felis & Wiszniowski, 2011), next citation: (Sindera et al., 2011)

Chicago style references: Sindera, Piotr, Ewa Felis, Jarosław Wiszniowski. "Genotoxicity of coke wastewaters." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 53 ser., vol. 20, no 3, (2011): 217-225.

Chicago style citation in text: (Sindera, Felis, and Wiszniowski 2011)

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